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The Richard Rufus of Cornwall Project

Preparing Critical Editions of Rufus' Extant Works

Supported in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities

De hoc opere
(In Aristot. De anima)

Posted here are the Erfurt redactions of Richard Rufus of Cornwall’s De anima commentary, books 1-3. The Erfurt redaction is a question commentary, as opposed to the longer redaction which includes literal exposition and extended outlines of the text (divisiones) as well as questions.

The longer redaction of Rufus’ De anima commentary is complete in Florence (F) G.4.853 fol. 193ra-222va, while Madrid (M), Bibl. Nacional. 3314, fol. 68ra-89rb contains book 3 and most of book 2.   A critical edition of the longer redaction will be published.  From the variants in the critical edition, it will be possible for readers to reconstruct the shorter redaction.  However, that will involve some complicated manipulations.  So we present here a critical edition of the shorter redaction preserved in Erfurt (E), UB Dep. Erfurt, CA, Quarto 312, folios 19ra-20va and 22va- 28ra.

Concerning the notes and variants that appear here, see the explanation provided on these links: Notae (Notes) and Variantes (Variants).

In case readers have access to manuscripts and the printed edition and wish to check, we provide indications of  column changes.  In the case of Erfurt Quarto 312, the 13th century  folio numbers are indicated as well as the modern numbers.  The edition published by Manuel Alonso, as a work attributed to Pedro Hispano, Obras Filosoficas III, Instituto Luis Vives 1952, appears as V. Folio changes appear within bars, marked, for example, as follows: |E 22rb|, E O72 28va|, |F 215rb|, |M 82va|, and |V 327|.  Here "O" stands for old foliation.

References to the Aristotle text (book number, chapter number, and line number in the Bekker edition) on which Rufus comments appear in square brackets.  In the printed critical edition of the longer redaction (Redactio longior), there will be notes on the text of Aristotle and its deviations from the text published by R. Gauthier in Anonymi Magistri Artium (c. 1245-1250) Lectvra in librvm de anima, Grottaferrrata 1985.  Also indicated will be the text preserved in F & M and variants indicating the readings in the edition published by M. Alonso.   None of these appear in the html edition of the shorter redaction.