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The Richard Rufus of Cornwall Project

Preparing Critical Editions of Rufus' Extant Works

Supported in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities


Descriptions, Images, Contents

Photographs of manuscripts containing texts by Rufus
Assisi. Bibl. Sacro convento 138 (A138) Miscellaneous minor works by Rufus et al. collected for Bonaventure's use, ...
Assisi. Bibl. Sacro convento 176 (A176)
Società Internazionale di Studi Francescani
Sententiae Parisiensis (SPar) III-IV.
Assisi. Bibl. Sacro convento 186 (A186)
Società Internazionale di Studi Francescani
Quaestiones multae de auctoribus variis.
The Societá internazionale di studi francescani once provided links to the manuscript collection at Sacro Convento di Assisi from its own website. Now its images are available at Internet Culturale, a project of the Ministero dei beni e delle attivita (backwards stroke on the a) culturali e del turismo. Pdfs of these images can be viewed and downloaded at variations of the following address, where the last part of the address is the number of the codex at Assisi.
Berlin. Staatsbibl., Theol.Q.48 Long excerpts from SPar, revised by a later author.
Bruges. Bibl. de la ville 497 Abstractiones. Sometimes ascribed to Richard Rufus.
Erfurt, UB, Dep. Erf. CA Q.290 (Q290)
folio 1r (SMet)
folio 46r (MMet)
Scriptum in Metaphysicam, Memoriale in Metaphysicam.
Erfurt, UB, Dep. Erf. CA Q.312 (Q312)
folio 1r (In Phys.)
folio 14r (DGen)
folio 19r (DAn)
folio 107v (SAn)
InPhys., In DGen, In APos., In DAn., CAv, SAn. Doubtful works ...
Florence, Bibl. Nazionale.
Conv. soppr. G.iv.853 (F853)
Sententia cum quaestionibus in libros De anima.
London. British Library, Royal 8.C.iv Sententiae Oxoniensis II.1-8 (incomplete), ...
London. British Library, Royal 12.F.xix Abstractiones, sometimes attributed to Rufus.
Madrid, Bibl. Nacional. 3314 (M3314) In DAn 2-3.
Naples. Bibl. naz. VII.C.19 De cognitione Dei. Doubtful work, ...
Oxford. Balliol College 62 (B62) Sententiae Oxoniensis I-III.
Oxford. Bodleian Library, Digby 2 and Digby 24 Abstractiones, sometimes attributed to Rufus.
Oxford. Bodleian Library, Lat. misc. C71 Scriptum in Metaphysicam Aristotelis, prooemium.
Oxford. Corpus Christi College 119 In Aristot. De generatione et corruptione. Loosely associated with Rufus, ...
Oxford. Corpus Christi College 293B Abstractiones, sometimes attributed to Rufus.
Oxford. New College 285 (N285) Scriptum in Metaph. Aristot. I-VI, VII-VIII (incomplete), XI.
Padua. Bibl. Anton. 152 De ieiunio, attributed to Rufus by Pelster, ...
Paris. Bibl. nat., Lat. 11965 A 13th c. scholaster from Tongres writes “Magister Ricardus Cornubiensis habet librum meum de ponderibus, ...
Paris. Bibl. nat., Lat. 14069 Abstractiones, sometimes attributed to Rufus.
Paris. Bibl. nat., Lat. 16149, fol. 41vb-42ra In Aristot. Physicam 8.3.1, lacks two occurences of “mihi videtur” but otherwise the same as the published text. ...
Paris. Bibl. nat., Lat. 16406 De sensualitate humanae, ...
Paris. Bibl. nat., Nouv. acq. lat. 338 Sermon misattributed to Richard Rufus, ...
Prague. Metropolitan Chapter. M 80 (M80)
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Contra Averroem I, SMet I-V, VII-IX, doubtful Meteora.
Salamanca, Bibl. Univ.,
B. General Historica 2322 (S2322)
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Study:   "Contamination?"
Scriptum in Metaphysicam Aristotelis III-XI
Toulouse. Bibl. municipale 737 (T737) De mutatione and De rationibus seminalibus.
Vatican. Bibl. Apost. Borgh. 362 (B362)
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Sententiae Parisiensis, prooemium, prologus (incomplete).
Vatican. Bibl. Apost. Vat. Lat. 4538 (V4538) Scriptum in Metaphysicam Aristot.
Vatican. Bibl. Apost. Vat. Lat. 12993 (V12993)
Sententiae Parisiensis I-II.