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The Richard Rufus of Cornwall Project

Preparing Critical Editions of Rufus' Extant Works

Supported in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities

Variantes (Variants)

Manuscript variants to the text are indicated by color-coded highlights and float near the text when the reader moves the mouse over the highlighted word. Since the Memoriale survives in only one known manuscript, Erfurt, Universitätsbibliothek, Dep. Erf., Codex Ampl. Quarto 290 (= E), and that manuscript is of excellent quality, variants are few.

Red is a serious warning indicating emendation. It marks readings that are not actually in E or readings from E that have been omitted. We have not noted unclear or illegible marks. We have added readings that do not appear in E but seem to be required — sometimes by reference to Rufus’s second Metaphysics commentary, the Scriptum in Metaphysicam Aristotelis.

Yellow suggests caution. Variants highlighted in yellow include repetitions, possible alternative readings, sometimes more common expansions of abbreviations than the readings we have adopted, editorial corrections of mood, editorial exclamations, and editorial suggestions.

Green is for variants that are probably safe to ignore. Green variants include indications that the manuscript has been corrected in some way; most often they indicate that a reading appears above the line. Also here are doubtful readings about which the editors have no further suggestions.

Blue variants indicate changes apparently made when Rufus reused portions of the Memoriale in his longer Metaphysics commentary, the Scriptum in Metaphysicam Aristotelis (= SMet). Since our intention here is simply to edit the Memoriale, and we plan to publish the Scriptum at a later date, we have made no attempt to report all possible variants of this kind, but we have included a few that are of particular interest.

The following abbreviations are used:

add.  adds addit
canc.  cancels cancellat
corr.  corrects, correction  corrigit, correctione
del.  deletes delet
exp.  expunges expungit
hom.  homoeoteleuton homoeoteleuton
lac.  lacuna lacuna
om.  omits omittit
rep.  repeats repetit
s. lin.  above the line supra lineam

AL  = Aristoteles Latinus
Iunt.  = editio Iuntina 1550 operum Averrois cum textu Aristotelis