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The Richard Rufus of Cornwall Project

Preparing Critical Editions of Rufus' Extant Works

Notae (Notes)

Numbered marginal notes provide information on Rufus’s sources in Aristotle, Averroes, and elsewhere, his subsequent influence, and other parallel texts that may shed light on his commentary, as well as references to and quotations from his reuse and adaptation of some sections of the Memoriale in his longer Metaphysics commentary. Editorial suggestions on problematic passages where we have not felt justified in emending can also be found here.

Where the notes include extensive quotations, these do not appear on the page unless the reader clicks on them. Clicking once on a highlighted ellipsis will reveal the material that has been omitted; clicking again on the revealed material will conceal it.

Below is a key to the abbreviations found in the notes, followed by the full bibliographical references for ancient and medieval works cited in shortened form.


A138 Assisi. Sacro Convento di San Francesco. Codex 138
A176 Assisi. Sacro Convento di San Francesco. Codex 176
B62 Oxford. Balliol College Library. Codex 62
F853 Florence. Biblioteca nazionale. Codex Conv. soppr. G.iv.853
M3314 Madrid. Biblioteca nacional. Codex 3314
N285 Oxford. New College Library. Codex 285
PM80 Praha. Archiv Pražského hradu, Knihovna metropolitní kapitoly. Codex M.80
Q290 Erfurt. Universitätsbibliothek, Dep. Erf. Codex Ampl. Quarto 290
Q312 Erfurt. Universitätsbibliothek, Dep. Erf. Codex Ampl. Quarto 312
S2322 Salamanca. Biblioteca universitaria, Biblioteca general histórica. Codex 2322
T737 Toulouse. Bibliothèque municipale. Codex 737
V4538 Vatican. Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana. Codex Vat. Lat. 4538
V12993  Vatican. Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana. Codex Vat. Lat. 12993


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NF: Neue Folge.
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OO: Opera Omnia.
OPh: Opera Philosophica.
PL: Patrologiae Cursus Completus, Series Latina, ed. J.-P. Migne, Paris 1844–1865.

Opera scripta a Richardo Rufo

CAv Contra Averroem, Q312, fol. 81va–86ra.
IDiv De intellectu divino, A138, fol. 262va–263ra.
In APos In Analytica posteriora Aristotelis, Q312, fol. 29va–32vb.
In DAn In De anima Aristotelis, F853, fol. 193ra–222va; M3314, fol. 68ra–89rb; Q312, fol. 19rb–28vb; ed. sub nomine Petri Hispani, Obras filosóficas III: Expositio libri De anima, ed. M. Alonso, Madrid 1952.
In DGen In Aristotelis De generatione et corruptione, ed. N. Lewis & R. Wood, Oxford 2011.
In Phys. In Physicam Aristotelis, ed. R. Wood, Oxford 2003.
RSem De rationibus seminalibus, T737, fol. 158va–160rb.
SAn Speculum animae, Q312, fol. 107va–110rb.
SMet Scriptum in Metaphysicam Aristotelis, N285, fol. 194ra–238va; Oxford, Bodleian Library, Lat. misc. C71, fol. 1ra–1vb; PM80, fol. 1ra–32rb; Q290, fol. 1ra–40vb; S2322, fol. 72ra–132ra; V4538, fol. 1ra–102va; Lambda citatur partim ex T. Noone, “An Edition and Study of the Scriptum super Metaphysicam, bk. 12, dist. 2: A Work Attributed to Richard Rufus of Cornwall,” Ph.D. dissertation, University of Toronto, 1987.
SOx In Sententias Petri Lombardi, Lectura Oxoniensis, B62, fol. 6ra–252vb.
SPar In Sententias Petri Lombardi, Lectura Parisiensis, A176, fol. 4ra–222vb; V12993, fol. 1ra–320rb.

Opera dubia

SPat   De statu in patria, A138, fol. 268ra–270rb.


Abaelard: Petrus Abaelardus
In De interpr. Glossae Magistri Petri Abaelardi super Peri ermenias, ed. B. Geyer, BGPTM 21.3 (1927) 307-503.
In Isag. Porph. Glossae secundum magistrum Petrum Abaelardum super Porphyrium, ed. B. Geyer, BGPTM 21.1 (1919) 1-109.
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Albertus M.: Albertus Magnus
De caelo, ed. P. Hoßfeld, OO 5.1, Münster in W. 1971.
Metaph. Metaphysica, ed. B. Geyer, OO 16.1-2, Münster in W. 1960–1964.
Algazel: Abu Hamid Muhammad b. Muhammad at-Tusi al-Ghazzali
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Physica De scientia naturali, tr. Dominici de Segovia, ed. J. Muckle, in Algazel’s Metaphysics, Toronto 1933, pp. 130–197.
Alpetragius: Nur ad-Din al-Bitruji
De motibus caelorum, tr. Michaelis Scoti, ed. F. Carmody, Berkeley 1952.
Anselmus: Anselmus Cantuariensis
De ver. De veritate, ed. F. Schmitt, OO 1, Edinburgh 1946, pp. 169–199.
Monologion, ed. F. Schmitt, OO 1, Edinburgh 1946, pp. 1–87.
Proslogion, ed. F. Schmitt, OO 1, Edinburgh 1946, pp. 89–139.
Aquinas: Thomas de Aquino
In Metaph. Sententia libri Metaphysicae.
Aristot.: Aristoteles
Textus graecus citatur ex recognitione Immanuelis Bekkeri (1831); translationes latinae citantur ut infra.
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De generatione animalium, in De animalibus, tr. Michaelis Scoti, ed. A. Van Oppenraaij, Leiden 1992.
DGen De generatione et corruptione, tr. vetus, ed. J. Judycka, AL 9.1, Leiden 1986.
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Aspall: Galfridus de Aspall
In Metaph. “Quaestiones in Metaphysicam I-X: Liber IV, quaestio 21: Vtrum contradictoria possint simul esse uera,” ed. R. Plevano, in “Richard Rufus of Cornwall and Geoffrey of Aspall: Two Questions on the Instant of Change,” Medioevo 19 (1993) 167–232.
Les auctoritates Aristotelis:
Les auctoritates Aristotelis, ed. J. Hamesse, Louvain 1974.
August.: Augustinus
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Confessionum libri XIII, ed. L. Verheijen, CCL 27; PL 32: 659–868.
De civ. De civitate Dei, CCL 47 & 48; PL 41: 13–804.
De Trinitate De Trinitate libri XV, ed. W. Mountain, CCL 50 & 50A; PL 42: 819–1098.
Soliloq. Soliloqviorvm libri dvo, ed. W. Hörmann, CSEL 89; PL 32: 583–656.
Ps. August.: Pseudo Augustinus
Sermones ad fratres in eremo, PL 40: 1235–1358.
Auvergne: Guillelmus de Auvergne
De universo, OO 1, Paris 1674, Frankfurt am M. 1963, pp. 593–1074.
Auxerre: Guillelmus de Auxerre
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Averroes: Abu al-Walid Muhammad ibn Rushd
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In DAn Commentarium magnum De anima, ed. F. Crawford, CCAA 6.1, Cambridge, MA, 1953.
In De caelo Commentum magnum super libro De celo et mundo Aristotelis, ed. F. Carmody, Leuven 2003; in Aristotelis opera cum Averrois Cordubiensis commentariis 5, ed. apud Junctas (Iunt.), Venice 1550.
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In Phys. In Physicam Aristotelis, in Aristotelis opera cum Averrois Cordubiensis commentariis 4, ed. apud Junctas (Iunt.), Venice 1550.
Avicebron: Solomon ben Judah ibn Gabirol
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Axiomata philosophica:
Venerabilis Bedae Sententiae sive axiomata philosophica ex Aristotele et aliis praestantibus collecta, PL 90: 965–1090.
Bacon: Rogerus Bacon
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In De interpr. (maior) In librum Aristotelis Peri hermenias, editio secunda, ed. C. Meiser, Leipzig 1880; PL 64: 393–638.
In De interpr. (minor) In librum Aristotelis Peri hermenias, editio prima, ed. C. Meiser, Leipzig 1877; PL 64: 293–392.
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Bonav.: Bonaventura
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Buckfield: Adam de Buckfield
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Liber de causis:
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Regino Prumiensis:
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Summa Halesiana: pro maiori parte edita ex scriptis Alexandri de Hales ante mortem eius, sed etiam derivata ex Ioanne de Rupella et aliis et completa post mortem Alexandri
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York: Thomas Eboracensis
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